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The current pace of life and a constant lack of time turned our cars into inseparable thing of our daily routine. Since it's part of our everyday life, it must serve reliably, therefore, it is necessary to maintain the technical condition of the car. Trust the repair of your car to people, to whom quality is more important than quantity – in such way, you will have a well-repaired car, which will be reliable on the road.

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More than twenty years JSC “Tanagra” aims to be always among leaders, expanding the range of services and using the latest technologies. We are one of the largest companies in Lithuania, selling automobile spare parts and providing car repair and maintenance services. In all main cities of our country we have 10 successfully running modern auto centers and network of auto parts stores. Our achieved results – the consequence of purposeful and consistent work. Due to many years of work we are true professionals in our field.
Tanagra auto center combines under one roof auto parts store together with car workshop, where, at the same time, you buy the necessary spare part for your car and can perform a car repair. Car workshops are equipped with the latest in Europe and around the world repair and diagnostic equipment of well-known manufacturers: Bosch, Hoffman, Space, Ravaglioli, Hunter; we use only professional tools: KS-Tools,Hazet, Wurth, King Tony, Jonnesway.
Highly qualified team of specialists in car repair, who perfectly know their job and devote all their energy to keep customers satisfied with service, will always greet you in our car workshops. Pleasant, fast and high-quality service will leave a good impression, while large range of auto parts at affordable prices will allow choosing products according to each customer's needs and capabilities.



Tanagra services, repair and maintenance services of vehicles of all brands:

  • Motor car body repair and painting services;
  • Change and trade of oil;
  • Repair of small defects;
  • Conditioner filling;
  • Storage of tires and wheels;
  • Trade of tires and wheels;
  • Mounting and balancing of tires;
  • Inspection and repair of brake system;
  • Repair of vehicle electrical installation;
  • Diagnostics and repair of vehicle running gear failures;
  • Restoration of geometry of vehicle running gear;
  • Computer diagnostics of vehicles

 Important! Before starting the service the customer is introduced to the estimated price. And only after his consent we immediately begin repair services.


Note: fixed service costs - for the same work you will always pay the same amount, no matter how much time it took to perform the repair.
For our regular customers a flexible system of discounts is created. Computerized accounting program of performed work allows overviewing discounts available for services and spare parts. Tanagra also performs various discount campaigns, during which you can use services at cheaper price or for free or purchase high-quality spare parts for your car.
We give you a free car service book after the car repair or maintenance, which reflects all service operations. We also offer our discount card to our clients, which you can pick up the next day after filling some form of a filling form. Owners of service books (along with discount card) receive discounts on car parts and car workshop services.

A unified quality management system is installed and functioning in our company, which complies with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001: 2001. Our car service specialists will welcome your worries on car maintenance and repair according to recommendations of automobile manufacturers. They will provide you with free professional consultation and will help to maintain a good technical condition of the car.

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Why is it worth to choose Tanagra car workshops:

  • The most qualified specialists are employed here;
  • The most modern diagnostic equipment and the pursuit of quality through innovation;
  • The widest range of automotive spare parts in Lithuania;
  • Comprehensive technical assistance and advice;
  • Long warranty on services and parts;
  • The largest network of car workshops all over Lithuania;
  • Loyalty programs and discounts for regular customers.



For spare parts and orders call 8 700 55557

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